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Complexity Community is a social platform for the complexity and systems community, connecting and engaging a diverse group of researchers, students, creative problem solvers, entrepreneurs, designers and change makers who all have an interest in complexity and systems thinking whether in academia or industry. Complexity Community is the first fully functional social network dedicated to complex systems, offering a full set of services from forum and blog to listing directory and tools for connecting and collaborating.


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Latest Blog Posts

Understanding Reductionism

Reductionism is a process of reasoning used to describe things by breaking them down into their constituent components, analyzing the properties of these components in isolation and then recombining

What is Systems Engineering?

Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to dealing with large and complex engineering projects through the application of systems theory. Within these large projects and systems that are composed of many specialized domains, systems engineering primarily focuses [...]

The Social Dilemma: A third Way

The social dilemma - otherwise known as the tragedy of the commons - is at the heart of many of the 21st-centuryy challenges from overfishing and environmental degradation to social inequality and political discontent.

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