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Complexity Community is a social network and collaborative platform for the complex systems community, it is the first fully functional social platform dedicated to complex systems. We hope to connect with and engage a diverse group of academics, researchers, students, creative problem solvers, entrepreneurs, designers and change makers – anyone who has an interest in complexity and systems thinking and a degree of commitment to promoting its adoption and influence in the world.
We wish to be an inclusive platform that attempts to account for and represent the full spectrum of interests within the broader community from the most intuitive systems thinkers to the most technical complexity geeks, from the most abstract academic participants to those developing practical solutions in management and engineering. We wish to foster a discussion on all aspects of complex systems from the philosophical foundations to the technical details. It is this diversity that can fuels synergies and in turn make the community of value.


The complexity and systems community is large and very diverse but we all have one thing in common, we recognize the importance of complex systems thinking in responding to the current challenges in academia and society and desire to advance complex systems thinking in the world. We believe that this is best achieved not only by individuals and organizations but also through collaboration across the entire ecosystem in order to gain traction on difficult issues and make a real impact in the world.
Many of us in the complexity and systems community have big aspirations – we see the possibilities of how complexity and systems thinking could provide new perspectives on age-old questions in science and offer new ways of tackling pressing issues in economy and society. However in an age of complexity, it seems unlikely that any one individual or organization is going to achieve such outcomes, but working collaboratively as an ecosystem we can enable synergies and unforeseen beneficial outcomes.


In the spirit of emergence and bottom-up self-organization we do not think that there should be some overarching organization but instead propose a platform approach; a platform for enabling interaction, exchange, and collaboration towards fostering a more coherent and robust overall community. We offer complexitycommunity.io as a set of web services for connecting and collaborating, these tools are based around four main functions; blog, forum, social network and collaborative platform.


The blog will be a source of new and informative updates; a source for the latest in thinking on complexity and systems. Members can submit blog posts that will be reviewed by an editor before publishing. 

Social Network

The social network is a service for connecting with people, providing all the tools for finding others and connecting with them. When you sign up you can list your details and then connect with others based on shared interest, location or various activities.


The forum is a place for discussion and for answering questions. As the first web forum for complexity, it can work as a valuable one-stop shop for having questions answered and a store of knowledge in the form of previous discussions.


The platform enables members to collaborate by connecting those offering their services with organizations submitting opportunities and people posting new initiatives. Over time Complexity Community will work towards developing a full set of collaborative tools.


Complexity Community is being developed by Complexity Labs – the same people who brought you all those awesome videos on Youtube. We are a small innovative social business based in Ireland that combines cloud technologies and systems thinking to develop solutions to complex challenges within both academia and society. We have been producing educational content designed to make complex systems more accessible for a number of years now, with our videos having been watched over a million times to date we like to think that we have made at least a small impact, but recognize that we are just a small part of a much larger ecosystem and achieving collaboration across that ecosystem would have a much larger effect than anything we might do.
We are a social enterprise, meaning we are primarily concerned with solving problems while we generate revenue by selling educational content online via various websites such as Amazon and Udemy. Our background is in web technologies and this enables us to develop and maintain this platform at low cost and thus provide it for free to the community without commercial interests or intentions.

Community Guidelines

Complexity Community will be an open platform designed to facilitate self-organized emergence within the community as such we do not place any expectations on members other than the basic requirements for maintaining a healthy and vibrant community. Firstly among these is that people are open and receptive to reason based discussion on topics. Dogma, strong preconceptions and fixed agendas that are not open to influence through reasoned dialog will achieve nothing and we wish to avoid such discussion. Equally, we will do our best to tackle spam and trolling, comments that are blatantly offensive or inappropriately commercially oriented will be removed. Although we recognize that people and organizations will bring their own perspectives and agendas to the community we also expect that they have some commitment to the development of complexity and systems thinking awareness, usage or application in the world.

Stay Connected

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